Sunday, October 26, 2008


This Friday we found out who made the soccer team. All the soccer girls crowded around the office and waited like 15 minutes until Coach posted it. After I found out that I MADE IT I ran to the van because Kyler had a dodgeball thing to go to. I stopped right next to the van and my cleets skid. I flew backwards arms flailing!!! and my feet slammed into the van. It was soooooooooo embarrasing. So thats whats new with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


the mormon said...

GREAT JOB!!!!!! and awesome pic...te he he. i have some just like it!! can you believe it? anyways, congratulations!!!! hope you have fun!!

Mikayla said...

Suprise Suprise! You are so athletic christina I would be super suprised if you didn't nake it!

*!hAylEe!* said...

Christina! Hey!! I didnt know you had a blog! I'm so happy now i can talk to ya more! Remember that you have to come to my house next summer! haha!